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02 June, 2017

Venezuela opposition pays kids to protest

In a series of interviews, children revealed how they had been offered money, shoes, clothes and candy to protest against the Maduro government.

The Venezuelan opposition is bribing children to take part in violent street protests, according to video testimony captured by teleSUR Wednesday.

The video reveals that children are risking their lives in deadly protests against the Venezuelan government for as little as pieces of candy.

A minor says they are given “clothes, money, shoes, candy, everything” to help pass munitions such as gasoline, stones or Molotov cocktails.

In one day, I can make 50,000 bolivars,” says another minor. When asked whether it was the opposition or Chavistas who were paying him, the child replies, “someone well-known from the opposition.”

The mainstream media has painted these minors as “children of the resistance,” despite evidence that they have been bribed by the opposition and are being used as cannon fodder.

President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the opposition for using children in their violent anti-government campaigns, accusing them of putting lives at risk for the benefit of their political cause.

Among the over 70 people who have been killed since opposition-led protests began in April, at least four have been minors.

The new video comes as Venezuela enters its 11th week of right-wing deadly protests.


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