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15 June, 2017

What Jeremy Corbyn should do to bring serious damage to the neoliberal regime

If, hypothetically, Jeremy Corbyn would become the next UK prime minister, he should:

  • Move fast, accelerate Brexit process in favor of his country.

  • Upgrade NHS, increase budget for the healthcare sector, hire staff to cover huge gaps.

  • Fully nationalize the central bank giving absolute control of the money supply to the state.

  • Increase taxes for the super-rich, reduce taxes for the middle class.

  • Reduce budget for the defence sector, withdraw British forces from countries who have become failed states due to the disastrous US policy.

  • Provide the opportunity for free higher education to the British youth.

  • Proceed in big public investments that could create thousands of new jobs.

  • Fully nationalize the railways.

  • Increase minimum wage, recover labor rights.

  • Regulate the financial system and the labor market.

  • Pass a bill that will include heavy penalties for private banks that are involved with financial speculation, forbid bailouts at the expense of the British taxpayers.

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