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03 June, 2017

Why the European Financial Dictatorship will continue to torture Greece at least until 2019

... and how this is related mostly with the British, rather than with the German elections

by system failure

Early this year we saw that Greece's creditors pushed the country to take measures even after the end of the "program", or, the Greek experiment if you like.

Latest developments led to the known scenery: Greece was pushed to take more measures for 2018 and 2019, the creditors promised a form of debt relief, but again, Alexis Tsipras didn't manage to take anything, except the usual hypocritical sympathy for Greece by some of the creditors in Europe. The roles are known: Wolfgang Schäuble has no problem to play the bad guy, and everyone else, including IMF, is hiding behind him.

We have repeatedly said that the representatives of the neoliberal Feudalism pretend that they have different positions concerning the unsolved puzzle of the Greek debt, while in reality, they do not care at all about "solving" it, but only to complete the neoliberal experiment in Greece to the last detail.

And, despite that only a few details are left for the completion of the Greek experiment, it is certain that the European Financial Dictatorship will keep the noose tight around Greece at least until the next national elections in 2019, where they hope that the neoliberal Right, New Democracy, will win.

Also, some Greek government officials expressed recently their optimism that Greece could return to the money markets during the summer with a viable interest rate, but our guess is that it won't happen, because this would give a certain degree of independence to Greece from the ECB and Draghi's liquidity injections.

The neoliberal priesthood knows that there is still a danger of a possible sudden interruption, and even reversal, of the Greek experiment, in case that Tsipras administration find an opportunity to make independent moves, away from the creditors' tight scrutiny, towards social policies and public investments. Then, their new 'model' for the whole eurozone, as they dream, could have been 'blown up'.

Many estimate that the German leadership deliberately postpones any discussion about the Greek debt issue until the German elections, hoping that the current political status quo won't change dramatically. In reality, we don't have to wait until then because it seems that the Left doesn't have any serious momentum that could break the sovereignty of the current political establishment. Therefore, not too many things are expected to change after the result of the German elections.

Instead, we should focus on the next crucial political event in Europe, the oncoming British elections. The rapid rise of Jeremy Corbyn brings additional heat to the Brussels-Berlin axis. The Labour party under his leadership represents their worst nightmare. It would be a nightmare for them to see the motherland of neoliberalism start turning to social policies and massive nationalizations of key sectors.

A successful Britain under Jeremy Corbyn that would manage to give rebirth to the social state and hope to its citizens, could become an example for the Greek people (and others). A significant percentage of the Greek society already express quite negative feelings about the euro currency and even the EU itself. Imagine what would happen if the Greek people would realize that Britain (which is now out of the EU) under Corbyn is bringing back social policies at the same time when they experience the brutal neoliberal measures imposed by Greece's creditors.

That's why the European Financial Dictatorship will give nothing to Tsipras. He will be forced to take only further measures against the Greek society under tight scrutiny. The Brussels-Berlin axis will use him and throw him to the dustbin, hoping to replace him with a more secure puppet, like the neoliberal leader of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

We can only hope for a miracle: that SYRIZA has realized that it's impossible to achieve a decent deal with the Troika (ECB, IMF, European Commission) mafia, and therefore, has built (at last) a plan for Grexit that will lead Greece to freedom.

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